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FC 24 Squad Building Challenges: A Comprehensive Review

In the ever-evolving world of FIFA Ultimate EA FC 24 Coins Team, Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) play a crucial role in shaping teams and providing players with unique opportunities to acquire special items. FC 24, with its diverse range of SBCs, has sparked intense debates within the FIFA community. This article aims to dissect the various challenges and offer insights into which players are worth the investment and which might be better acquired through alternative means.

The Contenders:

Michael Ballack:

Known for his leadership qualities, Ballack's SBC seems to be a sentimental favorite for many. Having witnessed his performances for Chelsea and the German national team, there's a certain level of respect attached to this card.

Weekend League qualification is a notable aspect, making him an attractive option for those aiming for consistent competitive play.

Luron Blanc:

Widely considered one of the better center-backs in the game, Blanc's impact and influence on the pitch are undeniable. The relatively low price point and attainability make him a popular choice.

Despite being a solid addition to any squad, there's room for debate on whether he's truly a game-changer.


While not overly exciting, Martinez offers value for those building a Serie A squad or supporting Inter Milan. The debate centers on whether he fits the meta and if there are better options available.

Philip LOM:

A somewhat divisive figure, with concerns about his size and versatility. The debate here leans towards acquiring him from the marketplace rather than investing in his SBC.

Leroy Fer:

Completed for the love of football history, Fer's low price point makes him an accessible option. However, his playing time in the current meta is questionable.

Memphis Depay:

A talented player, but the availability of alternative versions makes the SBC less enticing. Additionally, concerns about his in-game stats raise questions about the price point.

David Beckham:

Despite being a fan-favorite, Beckham's SBC is met with mixed reviews. The evaluation of his price point and its alignment with his in-game performance generates conflicting opinions.

Antoine Griezmann:

Conflicted opinions surround Griezmann, with his abilities being acknowledged but compared to other available options. The question arises: Is he worth the significant coin investment?


The appeal of a throwback burner card with instant chemistry under 100K makes Aubameyang a favorite. The nostalgia factor adds to his value, especially for Foot Champs.


A dangerous player for some, Malcolm's inclusion in the debate hinges on whether his performance is consistent enough for the masses.

Chuki Lozano:

Potential upgrades aside, Lozano's current form places him in a debatable position. The focus is on current ability rather than future potential.

Jude Bellingham:

The anticipation of more special items for Bellingham raises questions about the timing of completing his SBC. His current value depends on personal preferences and squad needs.

Frankie de Jong:

The intr

King Kenny:

Acknowledging his on-pitch ability, King Kenny's inclusion in the debate prompts consideration for his overall impact on the game.


Salah's undeniable threat in-game, especially with his long-range efforts, secures him a spot in Foot Champs. His price is justified by his consistent performance.

As the FIFA community continues to engage in lively discussions about the FC 24 SBCs, the final rankings are subjective and based on personal preferences, play styles, and current meta considerations. While some players are clear Foot Champs material, others may find themselves on the bench or in the transfer market. The buy FC 24 Coins beauty of FIFA Ultimate Team lies in its ever-evolving landscape, ensuring that debates about player rankings will persist, creating a dynamic and engaging community.


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